Book Review: Journaling Power. How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live

by Mari L. McCarthyCreateWriteNow
reviewed by Maria Okorn
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Individuals seeking a therapeutic and transformative method for healing and growth should look no further than the very tool that lies at their own fingertips: writing their way to better health. In Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live, Mari L. McCarthy details an expressive writing program and a commitment to practicing healing techniques through journaling. McCarthy, afflicted with debilitating pain due to symptoms of MS, took charge by writing her own prescription for her life and her health through therapeutic journaling. The author shares not only the relief she gained personally by committing to a specific journaling routine, but she also includes evidence-based research on the physical and psychological benefits of writing as therapy. 

Each chapter is infused with wisdom gleaned from McCarthy’s personal journey to wellness and fulfillment after her illness forced her to leave her demanding consulting career and transform her very existence, eventually becoming Chief Inspiration Officer of, providing courses and sessions for therapeutic writing. Her personal struggles and successes resonate deeply, and her voice of encouragement serves to motivate readers through the transformations of their own lives. Comprehensive “Journaling Power Prompts” conclude each chapter by provoking thought and providing inspiration, informing both novice writers and individuals seeking to deepen their journaling practice.

Readers will be encouraged and inspired by the means in which McCarthy has used journaling to revolutionize her life, and they will be provided the support necessary to begin and maintain a journaling practice designed to promote inner harmony and personal growth. While the act of writing as therapy may appear simplistic, Journaling Power proves that we have nothing to lose but everything to gain when we commit to putting our worries, joys, hopes, dreams, frustrations and fears out of our minds and down on paper. 

Mari L Mccarthy

Mari L. McCarthy is the Founder of, The Journaling Power Center, where she shows health-conscious people how to use therapeutic journaling to heal the issues in their tissues and transform their lives. She is the author of the award-winning book Journaling Power: How To Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live

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