Book Review: Liberation Unleashed

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Liberation Unleashed
A Guide to Breaking Free from the Illusion of a Separate Self
By Ilona Ciunaite

The book Liberation Unleashed by Ilona Ciunaite is a friendly guidebook to becoming free of the illusion of a separate self. The active voice of the text will grab and hold the reader's’ attention. It moves the person reading it into a liberated reality by means of both personal experiences and interactive exercises. The book can be read from beginning to end, but can also be read non-linearly. You may want to read whatever chapter grabs you in the moment, in whatever order you like.

Ciunaite uses both her own journey and interactions with others to build this narrative of detaching from the self. However, she does not overemphasize her own journey more than others. She even states, “my story is irrelevant.” Her purpose is to bring her readers to an enlightened state, not to document her own experience for its own sake. She also admits that she was not as active as she could have been in searching for the truth. This demonstrates to the reader that you don’t have to be somebody extraordinary to find enlightenment. Ordinary people can do it too.

Ciunaite writes a chapter about language. She has the reader do an exercise where you ask the voice within yourself who they are. More than likely, there will be no response. She demonstrates that the “I” we have been taught to believe in does not actually exist. “There is no one behind the word ‘I,’” she writes. Taking away the “I” does not change what is going on around you.

This book will help the person struggling with feelings of inadequacy within oneself and one’s life and who is searching for deeper meaning. It will shed light on life to diminish those feelings of inadequacy within the self and in life. It will help one to enjoy each and every moment and experience. It will help you to fully enjoy the food you eat, and realize things that even language cannot express. This is the reality that you will discover by reading this book. Finally, it will help you separate from the attachment so many hold to the illusion of a separate self.

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