Book Review: Home in Harmony

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reviewed by Alizah Solario

Home in Harmony
Designing an Inspired Life
By Christa O’Leary
Hay House, Inc.

Habits determine a large chunk of our everyday activity. And becoming conscious of our habits, both the good and the bad, is the first step toward living a more balanced, holistic life, suggests Christa O’Leary

O’Leary fuses her psychology background with her expertise in interior design to identify four pillars of a harmonious life: An inspired home, a healthy body, a calm mind, and an inner light. These pillars encompass everything from the impact of clutter, color, and the alignment that objects have on our state of mind to habits for finding more joy and living with passion and purpose. O’Leary casts such a wide net that the book might feel overwhelming. But because the four pillars are grounded in the foundation of positive habit-forming, each one includes baby steps for action. This makes the revolutionary changes she calls for feel manageable and accessible. Part feng shui, part Whole Foods, think of Home in Harmony as a guide for the perplexed when it comes to clean living.  

Throughout, O’Leary advises readers against taking the “ostrich” approach and ignoring the harsh reality that we live in a “toxic soup.” Anecdotes about rejecting a toxin-filled juice box from another mom on the playground might seem over the top, but the underlying message is clear. Minor habits ultimately have a big impact on overall wellness, and that’s O’Leary’s key takeaway: “You should awaken to each new dawn with anticipation, truly knowing that your day has the potential to be filled with excitement, harmony, and unbridled joy.”

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