Book Review: Whole Health

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reviewed by Alizah Solario

A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century

By Mark Mincolla


In this compelling, ambitious book, natural health care practitioner Mark Mincolla proposes that all disease takes root at the energetic level, and by learning to identify the energy deficiencies and excesses that cause pain and sickness, we can enter a more vibrant state of being.

In clear, precise language, Mincolla breaks down exactly how energy is transmitted through thoughts in the form of vibrations, and how these different frequencies have the power to hurt or heal. Amazingly, he describes using heightened levels of consciousness to generate the energy to heal people thousands of miles away. These anecdotes are intriguing, but they occasionally need more context and support.

Perhaps most fascinating is Mincolla’s use of Electromagnetic Muscle Testing, a biofeedback system that uses automatic responses from the nerves and muscles to test for everything from food allergies to blockages and energetic weaknesses. Even words have different frequencies, Mincolla suggests, asking his readers to pay attention to the different sensations created in the body by the words anger and kindness.

Mincolla goes far beyond the “healthy diet plus sound mind equals health” formula for wellness. Whole Health spans epochs, weaving the healing properties of foods with the big bang theory, classical Chinese medicine, and our sixth sense. It’s the perfect book for readers seeking to tie theories of energy and awareness to their daily practice, but beware: one must be ready for a mind-expanding paradigm shift.

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