One-Moment Meditation

reviewed by Kristine Morris

Stillness for People on the Go

by Martin Boroson

One Moment MeditationImagine this: you no longer need a quiet place, a cushion or mat, or a half hour to meditate. Instead, your day is filled with peaceful, meditative moments.

“Without formal practice … you are having fl ashes of stillness throughout the day,” says Martin Boroson. “For a second or two, many times throughout your day, you fi nd yourself taking a deep breath and returning to the stillness that you now know intimately... Instead of you seeking stillness, stillness is seeking you. Stillness begins to show itself as your true nature.”

In these days of unparalleled, rapid-fire change, many on the spiritual path are experiencing a sense of urgency to awaken and feeling dismayed at the thought of needing years to master meditation skills. By demystifying the process and removing the complications often associated with meditation, Boroson helps us reach inner stillness in the most direct manner in this moment, not in some far distant future after certain conditions have been met. One-Moment Meditation is a distillation of wisdom garnered from psychology, spiritual practice, and the arts, brought together with an intimate awareness of what being fully present in the moment actually feels like. Supremely practical and portable, it can lead practitioners into a meditative state within a minute, at any time and while engaged in the tasks of daily life. With this practice, moments spent waiting in line or being stuck in traffic are no longer “lost” but become opportunities to refresh the mind and open it to a vast world of possibilities.

Simple yet profound, the practice of “one-moment meditation” makes returning to the place of stillness easy. In each peaceful moment we can say with the author, “With this breath, I am reborn. And everything is fresh and new.” The experience of even one such moment, in which everything becomes possible, can be life-changing.

Martin Boroson studied Western philosophy at Yale, earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and then studied Eastern philosophy and trained in transpersonal psychology with Dr. Stanislav Grof. He is the founder of the Temenos Project, an arts production company, and teaches one-moment meditation in public workshops, leadership seminars, and the media.

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