Podcast: Spirituality in the Time of Coronavirus, Part 2

Podcast: Spirituality in the Time of Coronavirus, Part 2

Maintaining your psychological and spiritual health during the coronavirus crisis.

This is the second of our four-part series of short Essential Conversations podcasts. Today’s guest is Rev. Dr. Gordon Peerman. Dr. Peerman is an Episcopal priest and a psychotherapist in private practice in Nashville, TN, and the author of two books, The Body Knows the Way: Coming Home Through the Dark Night and Blessed Relief: What Christians Can Learn from Buddhists about Suffering. He and Rabbi Rami are colleagues at the One River Foundation.

He and Rabbi Rami discuss how we can best serve friends when listening to them in this challenging time. Reassurance often makes it sound like we are not listening, Peerman says, so it is better to use open phrases like “Tell me what you are feeling lately.” Let the part that is worrying them speak, he counsels.

You can use this same observational technique with your own emotions. It is like catching yourself in the act, Peerman says. “Observe, there is a thought that is coming down the mind stream...”

If you missed it, check out the first episode of this series, here. has talks and meditations that Rev. Dr. Peerman is posting during the week.

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