Podcast: Pouria Montazeri

Podcast: Pouria Montazeri

Rabbi Rami explores the mystical teachings of Rumi with Pouria Montazeri. A native Farsi speaker, Pouria has a deep understanding of Rumi's language and culture. Drawing from Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, and other spiritual and contemplative practices, he conducts courses to guide people to the map of their hearts.

Now based in Colorado, Pouria Montazeri grew up in Iran and is an expert in the mystical teachings of Rumi. Although he lived in the 13th century, Rumi is today the most popular poet in America. Pouria Montazeri spoke with Rabbi Rami about the deeper meanings of Rumi, and about the attempts to connect with and return to the Beloved.

Pouria is passionate about sharing his love of Rumi, and strives to develop a vocabulary by which we can lead each other into mystical experiences beyond dualism. He and Rabbi Rami discuss what a heart-centered spirituality looks like. For more on his work, visit In the Footsteps of Rumi. For more on Rabbi Rami, visit Dear Rabbi Rami.

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