Podcast: Come Together with Radha Agrawal

Podcast: Come Together with Radha Agrawal

Radha Agrawal talks about the power of community and our search for belonging.

Rabbi Rami talks to Radha Agrawal about what she thinks is the key to happiness, how loneliness is killing us, and the benefits of nurturing community. Recently named as one of S&H's top 10 spiritual leaders, a profile of Radha appears in our Nov/Dec 2018 issue.

A social entrepreneur, impact investor, inventor, spea ker, and lifelong community builder, Radha Agrawal co-founded Daybreaker, the grassroots, sober early morning dance phenomenon that takes place in cities across the globe and has a rapidly growing loyal community of almost half a million people. She is also the recipient of the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award and has been touted as “1 of 8 women who will change the world” by MTV. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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