Lessons from Horses with Allan Hamilton

Lessons from Horses with Allan Hamilton

Rabbi Rami talks to Allan Hamilton about what we can learn from horses, the Presidential election, and his book Lead from Your Heart: Lessons from a Life with Horses. An excerpt of his book can be found in the Nov/Dec 2016 issue of Spirituality & Health.

Allan Hamilton, MD has been chosen by his neurosurgical peers as “One of America’s Best Doctors” and selected as “One of the Leading Intellects of the Twenty-First Century.” Dr. Hamilton has held positions as Chief of Neurosurgery, Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Arizona. Dr. Hamilton now serves as Executive Director of the Arizona Simulation Technology and Education Center, a multi-disciplinary think-tank at the Arizona Health Sciences Center devoted to developing new technologies and training procedures to reduced preventable medical adverse events. Dr. Hamilton is the author of The Scalpel and the Soul and Zen Mind, Zen Horse—The Science and Spirituality of Training Horses. His equine work has been showcased on the NBC Today Show, ABC News, CNN, PBS, and NPR.

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