Get to Know Muhammad with Steven Scholl

Get to Know Muhammad with Steven Scholl

Rabbi Rami talks to religious scholar Steven Scholl about the current climate of global conflict and the misconceptions around extremists and the religion of Islam. An adapted excerpt "What Everyone Should Know about Muhammad" from his book can be found in January/February 2016 issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.

Steven Scholl is an independent scholar of Islam and comparative religion. He has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East after doing his graduate studies in Islamic philosophy and history at McGill University. Steve is the founding publisher of White Cloud Press and is the editor of several books including The Peace Bible: Words from the Great Traditions and Common Era: Best New Writings on Religion. He writes on religion and culture for newspapers and magazines and is a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Religion (ed. by Mircea Eliade). His new book is Muhammad: The Prophet of Islam, co-written with Sam Deeb.

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