Mindful Loving with Dr. Cheryl Fraser - Part 1/2

Mindful Loving with Dr. Cheryl Fraser - Part 1/2

Join host Eve Hogan and Dr. Cheryl Fraser on Part 1 of our two-part series in which mindful loving of an imperfect person and relationship myths — such as soulmates and the fleeting thrill of passion — are explored. 

Dr. Cheryl Fraser is an insightful, inspiring, and entertaining Fulbright Fellowship award-winning psychologist and sex therapist who combines academic credibility, humour and straight talk to provide expertise for all manner of modern media. As a columnist for Mindful and Best Health magazines she explores love, sex, relationships, meditation and the human experience. As a speaker she employs a dynamic, entertaining, interactive teaching style, drawing on her diverse background as an actor and comedian, talk radio host, and university professor. She is a dynamic guest expert for TV and radio and has appeared on multiple programs. She created the Become Passion home study series and the Awakened Lover weekend intensive “bootcamp” for couples. She has a private practice in sex and couples therapy. Cheryl’s approach to life and to helping others is based in her practice of meditation and Buddhism, which she has studied for 25 years. She has completed several three-month silent meditation retreats, and she is the resident meditation teacher for Island Dharma. Her work is encapsulated in the teaching of Mindful Loving. She is at work on her first book - Mindfulness and Sex and her online program Love School will debut in the fall of 2016.

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