Happy Relationships with Mona Shah Joshi

Happy Relationships with Mona Shah Joshi

Eve Hogan talks to Mona Shah Joshi about the keys to relationship happiness, as well as a practice for relieving stress. Her article 6 Secrets of Happiness appeared in the March/April 2016 issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.

Shah-Joshi is an international expert, lecturer, and instructor t in stress management and personal development, helping people to achieve greater success and fulfillment in their lives. Since 1994, she has facilitated more than 50,000 hours of programs across 4 continents for the Art of Living and International Association for Human Values Foundation. She has been a featured guest on television and radio shows. Her writing can be found in The Huffington Post, Fulfilmment Daily, Spirituality & Health and Bold Magazine.

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