Live Free with Nancy Colier

Live Free with Nancy Colier

Photo Credit: Freder Colier

Rabbi Rami talks to author and psychotherapist Nancy Colier on her insightful view of our relationship with technology and practical ways we can live free within a high-tech landscape. Nancy is the author of The Power of Off: The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World. An adaptation of this book appears in the November/December 2016 issue of Spirituality & Health.

Nancy Colier is a psychotherapist, interfaith minister, author, and veteran meditator. She is the author of Inviting a Monkey to Tea: Befriending Your Mind, Discovering Lasting Contentment (Hohm Press, 2012), and her new book The Power of Off:  The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World (Sounds True, November 2016). She lives in New York City. For more, visit

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