Podcast: Harnessing the Astral Body

Podcast: Harnessing the Astral Body


Premonitory dreams or experiences, if you ask around, are widespread occurrences.

Premonitory dreams or experiences, if you ask around, are widespread occurrences. They don’t happen often, but they do happen spontaneously, usually during times of change or upheaval. It’s well known in the science world that our bodies are receptive enough to detect visual, auditory, and other sensory details before they happen, or from a distance. A sudden urge to cross the street moments before a car crashes into a pole where you were standing. A gut feeling about where to sit at the airport, only to find yourself across the aisle from long lost friend eating an avocado. We remember these moments because we can’t quite believe we glimpsed the future—and then acted on it—in present time.

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It took me some time to adjust to the idea that we all possess the ability to sense details about the future. Lost objects, missing persons, or pets have been detected by experienced professionals for decades. I was especially surprised to learn about remote viewing—a refined practice of “on-demand” precognition that is frequently used for targeted purposes. Tech companies, government agencies, and especially criminal investigations have employed remote viewers not for spiritual purposes, but for important information gathering that isn’t otherwise available.

It’s hard to separate out a tool from the spiritual realm and use it for commercial purposes. We don’t have a habit of hiring mediums to contact the dead for business insight. But we do hire yoga and meditation teachers to inspire employees on corporate retreats. Remote viewing is one of those spiritual tools that crosses over into a refined marketplace. Teams of viewers are hired for data collection by private corporations, archaeologists, and even law enforcement. Most famously, the kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst was found by remote viewers. Since then, the US Military trained and employed an elite squad of spies to gather information remotely, or without leaving their little room. I learned about this unknown US history at a remote viewing conference in Las Vegas, which I talk about in Episode 3, “Vegas Baby.” As you might imagine, my mind was blown.

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I came away with the understanding that professional remote viewers are deeply empathic, intuitive people. They have rich spiritual lives and a strong commitment to taking care of themselves. Many talk about how their deepest intention is to serve humanity. In this way, I relate to those who harness their astral bodies for hire. You can do so much good if you have the skills.

That said, working with spiritual gifts is real work, as rewarding as it is demanding, and not without consequences. A life lived with refined spiritual attunement can often serve the greater good—but working with precognition is not for everyone. It can be high risk, high pressure, and lead to mental burnout. The stakes get even higher if you’re playing in Las Vegas.

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