Podcast: Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Defeating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Podcast: Dr. Norman Rosenthal, Defeating Seasonal Affective Disorder

What physical, therapeutic, and spiritual techniques can help us weather the winter well? Renowned seasonal effective disorder expert Dr. Norman Rosenthal shares.

Dr. Norman Rosenthal is a world-renowned psychiatrist and best-selling author who was the first person to describe seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and to pioneer the use of light therapy in its treatment. He did this during his 20 years at the National Institute of Mental Health.

Dr. Rosenthal’s newest book (which was featured in our Sept/Oct 2023 Books We Love feature) is Defeating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder): A Guide to Health and Happiness Through All Seasons. You can also read his essay “How Meditation Can Help Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder” here.

“If you’ve got a program, or you make arrangements with friends to get together for lunch dates, and keep active, you’re much more likely to weather the winter in good spirits.”

In this episode, Dr. Rosenthal and Rabbi Rami discuss light therapy for SAD, the dark night of the soul, and how to perform an "autumn check-in" to emotionally prepare for winter.

Read Rabbi Rami's essay inspired by this episode here.

Podcast Dr Norman Rosenthal Defeating Seasonal Affective Disorder

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