A Tastier Way To Take Oregano Supplements

A Tastier Way To Take Oregano Supplements

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Explore a new way to incorporate immune-supporting oregano oil into your day.

For centuries, people have used oregano oil as a natural way to address various health issues. But since oregano oil is very potent, it’s typically diluted with a carrier oil, added to food or drinks, or taken in capsule form.

But when it comes to giving your family the very best oregano oil in a tasty way, North American Herb & Spice’s P73 Orega-O's are a must. North American Herb & Spice has created the world’s first and only oregano oil gummy! You must be wondering: Do they taste good? What about the sugar content? Is it worth buying? What sets this apart from what is available on the market?

North American Herb & Spice strives to provide only the highest quality products made with premium ingredients. Not only that, but they wanted to ensure that this gummy was clean, vegan, gluten-free, and pure. After two years of research, they created something special that is free of all harmful ingredients and perfect for daily use.

So why should you settle for "healthy gummies," filled with cane sugar, tapioca syrup, citric acid from corn, and “natural flavors?” With P73 Orega-O's, North American Herb & Spice has combined organic Peruvian yacon syrup with organic coconut blossom nectar and a dash of concord grape. They only use citric acid derived from real citrus fruits.

Besides providing a natural prebiotic to support healthy digestion, their unique sweetening process also provides a low glycemic index to support healthy blood sugar levels. Did we mention these gummies are also infused with black seed oil for a superior immune support response?

These are, without question, guilt-free game-changers in the edible supplement space and a must-have in your cupboard! Remember, the oregano used here isn’t the basic everyday variety applied on pizzas. It is tested, researched, and guaranteed to be the finest immune support wild oregano available: North American Herb & Spice’s proprietary P73 blend. If the first taste surprises you, try another! You’ll see just how good it is.

Still worried about the flavor? That’s why they made it easier to enjoy the benefits of wild oregano oil with these gummies! Consider this: when coffee was first introduced to society, people gagged, and many didn’t like the bitter taste, but now we have billions of cups being consumed in America on an annual basis.

The American public is so addicted to the super-sweet taste of corn syrup and refined sugar, which is devoid of nutritional value. Orega-O’s, which use real natural sweeteners, are much different. Their natural sweeteners provide health benefits which refined GMO sweeteners DO NOT. Yes, America uses triple the amount of refined corn syrup and sugars of other countries. We also have much higher incidences of chronic and deadly diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, arthritis, and rotten teeth. So avoid those problems while supporting your body with Orega-O’s!

Treat yourself to healthy living with the finest nutritional support everyday using the P73 Orega-O’s.

About North American Herb & Spice

North American Herb & Spice is a true American success story. Created in a basement and told by skeptics it could not be done, founder Judy K. Gray defied the odds and built a renowned and trusted brand. She believed there had to be a better way to “heal the world” and that the answer lay in finding the finest ingredients, especially from the wild, and formulating them into unique products. Ms. Gray was the first to recognize the unique healing powers of P73 oregano oil and create formulations that countless consumers have used over the last thirty years.

From that single groundbreaking oregano revelation, she has formulated over four hundred plus supplements for North American Herb & Spice and Physician’s Strength, her practitioner’s brand, in support of the following prevalent categories: Immune Support, Heart Health, Inflammatory Response, Respiratory, Digestion, Whole Food Vitamins, Detox, Mood, and Sleep.

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