What Is Art Medicine?

What Is Art Medicine?

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Healing and Transformation through the Art Medicine Path

I’m Alexis. As I grew up, I always felt like an artist deep down. But when I looked around at the world and saw talented fine artists, I didn’t feel a connection.

I wanted to create. I wanted to be an artist. But the art that lived in my soul didn’t look like everybody else’s. What looked like squiggly lines on the outside was a spiritual process for me, a place where my art and love came alive.

The Power of Art Medicine

There is a place where art and healing come together, where creation and transformation meet. It’s called Art Medicine.

As an Art Medicine practitioner, I’ve seen many people go through the process. It looks different for everybody, and this is my five-step guided Art Medicine Journey, just for you:

Step 1. Noticing. If you are reading this it’s because you have been called to be a larger channel of light and love on the planet. This is your opportunity for expansion. When we’re on the threshold of expansion it’s common for fears and doubts to arise. Feel the expansion that you are stepping into, notice what is arising for you at this time. There’s nothing really to do, just noticing.

Step 2. Grounding. Take a moment to feel the ground or surface beneath you. Breathe in the love and the power and the stability from the center of the earth into your system, like a tree that’s rooting and anchoring with your breath. As you breathe out, follow your breath all the way down to the center of the earth. Into the heart of the earth. Slow, deep breaths.

Step 3. Connecting. Open up your inner senses as you connect to your inner guidance. Some people are very visual, some people sense their guides, smell their guides, hear their guides, sometimes your senses are combined… Or you can imagine your guides. It is all coming from the same place. Whatever arises, you can trust that is your connection.

Step 4. Creating. Use paper, journal, canvas–whatever you are called to work with. Your medium is the meeting place between you and the divine, where you bring spirit into form. That is what we are always doing in the Art Medicine Community, we’re bringing spirit into form through our sacred bodies of work. It is intention setting, it is a prayer that we are creating.

It isn’t about the outcome. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. So whatever you are called to do–whatever symbols or shapes or images or words that come through for you, let them come.

Step 5. Receiving. Take a moment to look at your piece with a soft gaze, allowing the energy, the medicine of your piece to fill you up. What is the transformative or healing energy that is transmitting through your piece? Know that you can always call on the power of this journey. Know that more insights will unfold for you in the hours and days ahead.

Activating YOUR Journey

You can be the artist you know in your heart that you are.

I want to help you on your own journey, one full of light and creation and inspiration and transformation. I have created a place for art and healing to connect: a community where artists like you can come together, develop their skills, embrace creation, and become beacons of light.

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