Conscious Laser Eye Surgery? Seeing is Believing

Conscious Laser Eye Surgery? Seeing is Believing

In this short form medical documentary, enjoy a front row seat as I go from "off the charts nearsighted" to perfect, better than 20/20 vision under the steady hand of one of the world's preeminent eye surgeons, Washington D.C.'s Dr. Roy Rubinfeld. With severe myopia and astigmatisms in both eyes, for decades I couldn't see without the burden of wearing heavily prescripted glasses and contacts. Understandably, I was scared to perform lasik surgery on two of my most precious organs. Nevertheless, Dr. Rubenfeld's thorough explanation of my medical options and the risks involved, state of the art analytic technology, and overall consciousness quickly put me at ease. Several years after the surgery, my vision is still 20/20. Seeing is believing!

Warning: This video contains graphic medical images.

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