How to Use an Oracle for Your Meditation Practice

How to Use an Oracle for Your Meditation Practice

Explore how an oracle deck can help you strengthen your meditation practice, become more present, and stay grounded no matter what.

Are you new to meditation and not sure where to start? Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to pick the right meditation for you? Or, are you the kind of person who, whenever you feel stuck in an area of your life, you use oracles to find answers or insights?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Kundalini Meditation Oracle may be the tool you need for your spiritual development, your personal meditation practice, and for getting in touch with the unknown.

No matter where you are in your meditation practice, finding the “right” meditation for a specific moment can be difficult, especially when there is an attachment to the outcome or when you feel overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Kundalini Meditation Oracle was created to help free your mind from making excuses and to support you when you’re feeling lost between too many options. It can guide you in finding your purpose every day, anchor your practice, and feel which meditation is good for you today or for a 40-day practice.

This deck consists of 60 cards and a guidebook associated with the main themes of yogic philosophy in general and the yogic teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in particular.

Amongst these main themes, you will find the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the ten Yamas and Niyamas, the three Gunas, the five Tattvas (or elements), the Seven Chakras, the Nine Aspects of the Mind, the Ten Bodies, and the Seven Steps to Happiness.

This oracle offers 60 unique one-posture Kundalini Yoga meditations, each associated with a virtue and a key concept to inspire you to work on yourself and improve your daily practice. It’s perfect to keep your meditation practice free from overthinking, analyzing, or questioning.

If you are a Kundalini Yoga practitioner, a yoga lover, an oracle lover, or simply someone committed to your self-discovery journey, click here to get your Kundalini Meditation Oracle. It will connect you with your body-mind-soul, no matter your level of practice.

Let’s discover how you can use The Kundalini Meditation Oracle to take just three-to-eleven minutes to connect with yourself or even choose a meditation for your students, if you are a yoga teacher.

How to Use This Oracle in Your Daily Life

There are different ways to connect with your Kundalini Meditation Oracle. It is all about your intention. Just try to be present and calm in the moment.

Before using the deck, you can cleanse the cards by running them over the smoke of your favorite incense. Then take them in your hands and hold them near to your heart, connecting with your purpose.

Then shuffle the cards while you ask: which is the best practice for today? Which practice will help me achieve my goal (for example, release fear)?

Next, spread the cards and run your hands over them. Stop when you feel any sensation and take the card that calls to you. In this moment, you can feel the magical energy of the cards and your intuition guiding you!

Now read the instructions for the meditation on the back side of the card and practice it. Afterwards, you can go to the guidebook and read a little about the yogic philosophy that corresponds to the virtue of that card.

Why Use an Oracle as a Guidance Tool

Oracles are a key to being present a few minutes each day, supporting you to take a pause when needed, or helping you shift your attention to your inner self.

It is also a tool for trusting in the Universe, creating a dialogue with the divine, or taking a step toward the unknown.

Give yourself a chance to connect with the Kundalini Meditation Oracle and explore your wisdom, intuition, and connection with the Universe.

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