How to Build Foundational Psychic Awareness Skills


A psychic counselor and Reiki master shares the essentials to starting on your own psychic journey. What will you discover through your intuition?

The initial stage of psychic development can be the trickiest for students. All that natural psychic ability and talent is now opening up, but we still don’t have the skills and training needed to control our abilities. We need help in order to work through this patchy, shaky phase of our psychic development. So, let’s lay down the foundational skills that all psychics need.

These fundamental skills are so important that they remain significant even for very advanced psychics. We practice these foundational skills—like musicians play scales and do warm-up exercises—so we can continue to fine-tune these essential skills. These foundational skills include learning how to tune in and pay attention to the psychic impressions that we receive.

It’s important to explore how our brain-wave states help or hinder our psychic experiences as well as learn some concrete ways to determine and trust that we are getting real psychic hits. We also need to learn how to tell the difference between a real psychic hit and the mental static and chatter of our own thoughts.

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck, or maybe worried that you are crazy, these skills can help you deal with those negative feelings and open up to your psychic abilities. Let’s begin with learning how to become receptive enough to really tune in.

Learning to Tune In

One of the first things we must do to open up our psychic abilities is to make time and space to tune in. Tuning in is a combination of slowing down our busy minds so that we become receptive to psychic impressions and learning to stop and pay attention to a psychic hit when we do receive it.

For many people, psychic hits happen all the time, all day long, and we basically ignore them. Unless we are tuning in, we might not recognize when they do happen, and so they slide through our awareness without us noticing. For the most part, intuitive hits are subtle and connected to our feelings, our gut instincts, and our physical sensations. In order to catch them in the act, we need to tune in to what is happening in our bodies, our emotional states, and our inner sense of knowing.

Signs and omens are events and synchronicities that happen in the real world that are also part of our guidance. They are the winks from the universe that you are heading in the right direction, but if you are not tuned in, you will miss the possibility that the dragonfly that just landed on your hand might have a significant meaning and is actually a potential communication from your guides.

Tuning in is a habit that we need to learn, and yet we also may need to unlearn the habit of being tuned out. It’s so easy to walk through life with blinders on, unaware of our own intuitive nature and immersed in our busy minds. In order to master our psychic development, the blinders need to come off. We need to quiet the inner chattering mind and shift our focus both to our bodies, feelings, and gut knowing as well as to what is happening in the world around us. When we tune in, we take time to both slow down and reconnect with ourselves, and find a neutral, open, and receptive state of being that our psychic experiences can flow into. As the Zen masters say, the cup must be empty so that wisdom can flow into it.

Excerpted from pgs. 21-22 of Awakening Your Psychic Ability by Lisa Campion. Copyright 2023 New Harbinger Publications.

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