Making Moon Water for the Super Blood Moon Eclipse


Making Moon Water for the Super Blood Moon Eclipse

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Discover how to infuse water with the moon’s energy during a super blood moon eclipse.

When a full moon falls during a total lunar eclipse, the moon turns a reddish hue in the sky—the phenomenon known as the super blood moon. Eclipses have a powerful energy to them, so powerful that some magical traditions advise avoiding doing any spellwork at all during this time.

Imagine how truly scary it must have been, before we had the scientific understanding and technology to understand what was happening during a lunar eclipse, when the moon would turn red just once in a while. It must have felt like an incredibly bad omen. We now understand what a lunar eclipse is and why it happens.

Energetically, a blood moon is a powerful time to set intentions, to release negative energy, and to try the practice of making moon water.

How to Make Moon Water

In order to make your moon water, start with some release work before the eclipse itself happens. You could do this by ritually cleaning your house or your body. Another wonderful practice is writing down your fears and whatever you want to let go of and (safely) burning the piece of paper. You could also do a guided meditation for cleansing toxic energy.

Once this feels complete, you are ready to begin the moon water process.

  • Put some clean water into clean glass jars that you can set outside or on a windowsill.
  • Sit with the water in a meditative space. Take a moment to acknowledge the land that you are on, and bring to mind its traditional names if you know them. Honor and thank the land for holding you, whatever your relationship to this land might be.
  • Imagine a circle of protection around yourself and the water. You could imagine a circle of chalk, salt, or stones. If you’d like you can also do this literally. Clarify that only helpful, loving, healing energies are welcome into the circle. Anything that is harmful or unhelpful is not welcome here.
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  • Get really clear on the intention you would like to put into the water. Try to keep it simple and clear—just one strong intention you can put into a word, phrase, or short sentence. Perhaps you’d like this water to bring healing, peace, money, self-love, connection to spirit, and so on. Make sure you are phrasing the intention in the affirmative and naming what you DO want, rather than naming something you want to be rid of. For example, if you are thinking “protection from fear,” then you will be cultivating fear. Adjust the phrase to “courage” instead.
  • Meditate on your intention, perhaps by repeating it over and over with the water, touching the jar if you can. Send your intention into the water with love and compassion, with the understanding that whatever you do here, whatever intention you set, should be for the good of all.
  • When this feels complete to you, set the water outside or at the windowsill, ideally right as the eclipse is starting, and leave it there for the duration of the lunar event. When it is over, bring the water back in.

You can use this water however you’d like over the next moon cycle depending on your intention. Perhaps you’d like to ingest some moon water each morning, reminding yourself of your intention. Perhaps it’s a healing tonic for someone you love, a pet, or even the plants. Perhaps you’d like to bathe in the moon water, soaking it into your skin. Whatever feels right to you is perfect. Happy Super Blood Moon!

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