Blood Moon Meditation

Blood Moon Meditation


Explore what is normally unseen and celebrate the rare blood moon with a blood moon meditation.

The appearance of a blood moon in the sky creates the opportunity to explore the deeper realms, what is normally unseen.

A blood moon is a lunar eclipse. It offers an astonishing visual experience. The Earth moves between the light of the sun and the moon, causing the moon to turn a deep reddish color. Ancient civilizations saw this as an ominous event, which is understandable given the color.

On the night of a blood moon, consider opening yourself to a meditation on shadow and begin an exploration into the darkness that gives polarity to the light.

Blood Moon Meditation

Sit under a blood moon. If you can’t be outside under the actual light of the blood moon, search for images online so that you can create a clear visual in your mind’s eye of what it looks like. Let this remarkable mental picture rest in your awareness throughout the meditation.

As you begin, find a comfortable position. If you tend to fall asleep during meditation, set yourself in an upright posture. Use bolsters, cushions, and blankets to support your body however you need to. Gently close your eyes and begin to notice your breath.

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As you allow yourself to release any control on your breath, notice the natural cadence of your inhale and exhale. Simply follow your natural breathing pattern. This may cause some discomfort as you continue to release any control over breathing. Allow yourself to settle into this pattern.

Bring your attention to the end of the exhale, the place of emptiness that rests there. Try allowing the space at the end of the exhale to expand. Don’t force yourself to hold your breath, just notice how you can find a kind of spaciousness before your next inhale.

Let the image of the blood moon remain in your mind as you become curious about what is alive in the emptiness of your breath. Notice any sensations in your body as space opens up in the stillness. What can you find in this shadowed place that is normally hidden by the movement of your breath?

When you feel ready, softly open yourself to the inhale. Let your breath slowly fill back into your body, expanding into your abdomen and filling up into your chest. Again, notice the pause at the top of the inhale. Let there be room there. Notice what happens in your body as you let there be a beat or two of non-action. Feel the fullness in your body with the inhale and rest in that sense of fullness.

Do not strain to hold your breath. When you are ready to release it, let it be a gentle, soft exhale. Be deeply compassionate with yourself as you release your breath, any tension in your body, and any strain in your mind.

Finish your meditation by bringing the image of the blood moon into your mind’s eye. Imagine that reddish light radiating from your belly and filtering through your breath.

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Reflection: After Your Blood Moon Meditation

Contemplate the capacity to hold the immense polarity of life that exists in each of us. We can feel an incredible beauty that surrounds us even as we witness the terrible injustice and grief that exists. We can feel our strength and our power and we can allow ourselves to rest in stillness and soften.

It takes practice to let yourself be open to the shadow. The light is so enticing and radiant, and like moths to a flame, we are naturally drawn toward it. But the shadow lends itself to a quieter, more subtle reflection. What lives in the shadow is as important to life as what lives in the light.

Open to the shadow, and light becomes more brilliant than ever.

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Blood moon meditation

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