High Summer and the Divine Feminine


High Summer and the Divine Feminine


What kind of summer do you want to have? Explore the divine feminine within yourself, whatever your gender.

It’s officially summer, and it’s sun season—a beautiful time to honor the divine feminine. There are many ways to think about sacred feminine energy, and the concept of feminine power is present in many world religions, cultures, and spiritualities. The divine feminine is ever-present and available to everyone, regardless of gender.

Heat & Harvest

In the deep summer, we have a time of heat and harvest. It is a time to taste the fruits and smell the flowers. Where I come from, it is a season of fresh corn on the cob, ripe bright red strawberries, and peaches so juicy they almost undress themselves when you handle them lightly. Sunsets are late and days are long, bright, and hot, the nights a brief reprieve of cooler air and darkness.

It’s a sensual time, and an extroverted time—we often go out and play with people in the summertime in a way that we don’t in the winter, where the focus is more introverted and reflective. Interestingly, the divine feminine is present in both places, the height of summer and the depths of winter. An important aspect of this powerful energy is that it changes, just like the phases of the moon and the cycles of the sun.

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We also tend to think of gender on a binary—we’re either one or the other. But masculine energy is present in both places as well. For some cultures, it was obvious that sun energy would be masculine. It’s an energy of movement, action, work—qualities that are traditionally ascribed to the masculine. But with just a little too much heat, we’re overpowered by the languid, ripe, soft energies of the feminine side of life.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to masculine and feminine energies (at least, in my opinion). They are always both present in some balance, and when we look at anything from another angle, we tend to find its opposite energy there.

The Divine Feminine Across Traditions

Divine feminine also means different things in different cultures. In Christian mythology, it is the loving, ever-present kindness and compassion of Mother Mary. In Hinduism, it takes many forms, including the warrior-fierce, bloodthirsty Kali, who fights for justice wherever it is needed. In Greek and Roman mythology, it is the beauty of Aphrodite, the goddess of love—or the virgin warrior archer Athena. In Shakta Tantra, the divine feminine is the center of everything, the essence of life itself, manifested in playfulness.

There are so many ways to think about the divine feminine, and so many ways to enjoy it in high summer. Whenever we do, we are also inviting the divine masculine energies that are needed to balance every moment of our lives. Perhaps this summer is a beautiful opportunity to explore the divine feminine within yourself, whatever your gender.

What Kind of Summer Do You Want to Have?

Here are some questions to reflect on as you consider your summer:

  • What is my relationship to my sensuality and sexuality? How would I like to explore that?
  • How do I engage with color and art? How could I incorporate more bright colors into my wardrobe?
  • Am I fully enjoying the tastes of the fruits and vegetables that are local and in season?
  • How am I engaging with my body? What forms of movement would nourish playfulness and enjoyment in my body?
  • How am I drawn towards others right now? Do I need some time alone or can I enjoy social time with others in a mindful (safe) way?
  • How do I adorn myself? Do I enjoy the clothes/makeup/jewelry I am wearing? Is it time for a haircut?
  • What meditations or rituals am I drawn to right now?

If you like, try one of my guided meditations that celebrate energies related to the divine feminine:


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