Future Field Trip: A Writing Ritual for Alignment and Inner Peace

Future Field Trip: A Writing Ritual for Alignment and Inner Peace


Try this guided writing ritual to set intentions and meet your future self.

A ritual doesn’t have to be a formal ceremony or done at a particular time every day, but the more consistent you can be with the practice, the more benefits you will receive.

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As we dive into the new year, it’s a good time to go inward to reflect and reevaluate. To set intentions and call in more peace and love. The following writing ritual that takes you on a field trip to your future is a favorite of mine. For those who prefer a guided audio version, please use the recording below.

How to Take a Future Field Trip

What you’ll need from the outer world:

  • A pen
  • Paper
  • A candle, incense, or essential oil diffuser

What you’ll need from your inner world:

  • An openness to the moment
  • A desire to open your heart
  • Trust in the process


  1. Light your candle or incense or use an essential oil diffuser. This tells your mind that it’s time to slow down and relax into the present moment. This carves out a dedicated time for self-care and self-love.
  2. Take some deep breaths in and out and settle into the moment. Close your eyes and drop into your heart.
  3. Imagine that you approach a large wooden door and you knock on it. As the door opens, you see yourself one year from today. Your future self invites you into the scene. Everything about this feels right and aligned. Your future self is strong, healthy, sovereign, and powerful. This self speaks with grace, ease, and an unapologetic nature that exudes from your energy of alignment and authenticity. This self is living in alignment with your values and integrity. What does your future self say to you? What message or guidance does your future self offer? Now, what message do you have for your future self? Take in this information and let it rest in your heart.
  4. Open your eyes, grab your pen, and begin writing a message to your future self, one year from today. Use these questions to craft:
    What did you see in the scene?
    Who are you?
    Who have you become?
    What did you need to let go of to become this version of yourself?
    What are you doing?
    How do you feel?
    Who do you look like?
    And what do you need to say, do, and be for this person to live in their fullest expression?
  5. Allow yourself to go deeper, as you release the inner critic and trust the messages that come to you. This is your future self talking to you and giving you guidance on how to best navigate this next phase of your life. Trust the process and unfolding.
  6. Finish the letter with a message you want to share with your future self. Fold it up and place it in an envelope you can set aside.

Revisit Your Future

One year from now, take some time to recreate this ritual. Once again, you may want to put on some relaxing music, light a candle, or use an essential oil diffuser, and set the intentions of reflection and more awareness.

Get grounded in your space by breathing in and out for at least three deep belly breaths. Then open your letter with compassion, joy, and wonder. It’s important to read through the letter with a child-like sense of wonder. This means you appreciate each aspect and refrain from judgment. Instead, celebrate all that has gone well and note which areas manifested into a reality. Celebrate the little victories as well as any setbacks.

The goal is to see your life as an unfolding creative adventure, rather than a destination you need to get to or check off. This exercise is for nurturing and self-care. It can be a powerful alignment tool to help you stay focused on your best self with integrity, joy, honesty, and fulfillment. Remember to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

If you enjoy the process, repeat it yearly, or even try spreading out the time—for example, writing to yourself five years from now.

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Future field trip

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