From Past to Present: The Zone Technique’s Impact on True Healing

From Past to Present: The Zone Technique’s Impact on True Healing

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Dr. Peter Goldman, Brooklyn, NY born and raised, has forged a remarkable path in the world of holistic health, blending traditional practices with modern innovations. Raised in a household that valued natural health long before it was mainstream, Goldman’s journey to becoming a prominent chiropractor began with a strong academic and athletic background. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Economics from Brandeis University and initially worked in New York City’s financial district before pivoting to chiropractic studies at Life College of Chiropractic in Georgia.

Goldman's decision to pursue chiropractic was heavily influenced by his childhood chiropractor, a disciple of Dr. Thurman Fleet, the creator of Zone Therapy. While studying in Georgia, Goldman had the unique opportunity to be mentored by another chiropractor in the Fleet lineage, spending hundreds of hours mastering Zone Therapy. This foundation allowed him to develop the Zone Technique, a modern adaptation that has produced unparalleled healing results.

Origins and Evolution of the Zone Technique

The Zone Technique is rooted in the principles of Dr. Thurman Fleet’s Zone Therapy, created in the 1930s. Goldman began his studies in 1993 under two of Fleet’s direct students and spent years refining the method. Unlike traditional chiropractic techniques that focus on bone movement, the Zone Technique emphasizes spinal cord stimulation to heal the brain, addressing a wide range of conditions beyond musculoskeletal issues. Goldman was also influenced by many other high-level metaphysical sources too.

The Impact on Professional Athletes

Goldman's expertise soon attracted elite athletes from around the world, including UFC fighters, NFL and NHL players, professional cyclists, and Olympians. These high-performing individuals sought his unique approach for its effectiveness in enhancing performance and accelerating recovery. Despite their celebrity status, Goldman treats athletes like any other patients, focusing on balancing their body's zones to achieve optimal healing.

The Zone School of Healing

Recognizing the need to share his innovative approach, Goldman founded the Zone School of Healing, an online program offering over 50 hours of little-known healing knowledge, with advanced courses totaling around 450 hours. The school also hosts in-person events, though the primary learning mode is through its comprehensive online curriculum. The program welcomes all types of doctors and healers who want to achieve exceptional results by integrating the Zone Technique into their healing practice.

Transforming Holistic Health

Dr. Peter Goldman’s work has transformed the field of true healing, offering a powerful method for treating both musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal conditions. The Zone Technique’s emphasis on spinal cord stimulation and brain healing represents a significant advancement in natural health practices.

For healers seeking to enhance their healing capabilities, joining the Zone School of Healing offers a pathway to achieving unparalleled results. Dr. Goldman’s commitment to education and innovation ensures that the legacy of holistic healing continues to evolve and thrive.

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From Past to Present The Zone Techniques Impact on True Healing

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