Toolbox: Creative Cuisine

Toolbox: Creative Cuisine

Try these picks from S&H to transform your culinary creation

00 Tool Alohasalt

With a variety of colors and flavors, the 6-tube Hawaiian Aloha Salt Collection will give you the subtle taste distinction you deserve. ($39.95)

01 Tool Blue Suribachi 0

Created by hand in Japan, the Suribachi lets you create your own concoctions—grinding herbs, roots, or seeds to that just-right consistency. ($18)

02 Tool Elmcuttingboard

Chop everything on the live edge American Elm cutting board, created using only dead or dying trees, harvested with minimal equipment, and dried in a solar kiln. ($45) 

03 Tool Fullapron

Keep stains off your clothes with the Full Apron, hand made to order in Portland, Oregon, with organic fabrics. ($62)

04 Tool Spices

Add a taste of the exotic with Indian Green, Madagascar Black, and French Rose Peppercorns, gathered from around the globe. ($3.85 per .5 oz)

05 Tool Inspiralizer

If you’ve given up gluten, the Inspiralizer will let you enjoy pasta made from whatever vegetable you choose. ($49.95)

06 Tool Sea Veg

Add unexpected flavor and a healthy dose of minerals and trace elements by sprinkling a bit of Dulse into your dish. ($7.50 for 2 oz.)

07 Tool Spongeblossom

Bring mindfulness into the cleaning process by enjoying the bloom of the Sponge Blossoms before scrubbing the counters, pots and pans. ($4.49)

08 Tool Pot

Contribute to the health of the earth by gathering kitchen scraps in the Stainless Steel Compost Crock instead of sending them to the landfill. ($59.95)

09 Tool Superfood Soups Cover

Create delectable, warming combinations of the most good-for-you ingredients with Superfood Soups by Julie Morris. ($11)

10 Tool Vinegar Oil

Enjoy a lead-free Balsamic Vinegar and an intriguing twist on Olive Oil made with organic blood oranges and California mission olives. ($12 & $14)

11 Tool Vitaclay

For a subtle, mild flavor, load up the Vitaclay Slow Cooker and relax while the clay pot cooks your dinner for you. ($89.99)

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