The Diamond Ray of Light: A Self-Care Energy Practice

The Diamond Ray of Light: A Self-Care Energy Practice


This easy energy cleanse meditation helps us revitalize and rejuvenate ourselves, and encourages us to release negative energy.

The diamond has served as a symbol of everlasting love, commitment, unity, and strength for time immemorial. Known for its beautiful crystal formations and durability, it makes sense why so many have turned to diamonds to express their loyalty and love.

The Diamond Ray of Light energy cleanse practice has similar qualities: This practice is strong, powerful, and transformative. Many metaphysical practitioners have turned to the Diamond Ray as a means for helping people to release and transform energy blockages in the body. Yet you don’t have to be a practicing healer to tap into the power of the Diamond Ray of Light. In fact, anyone can tap into its transformative healing qualities, and here is one way I recommend.

What Is the Diamond Ray of Light?

I personally learned about the Diamond Ray of Light years ago, when I was a student of quantum healing. When I started feeling blocked, stiff energy in my energy-healing practice, I would call upon the Diamond Ray for support.

In visualization, the Diamond Ray is similar to what a crystal prism reflects when hanging in a well-lit window, with rainbow flecks amongst transparent light.

Fast forward to years later, the Diamond Ray would find its way back to me through a meditative emotional detox practice I developed called CLEANSE.

CLEANSE is an acronym for the seven steps of an emotional detox, featured in my latest book, Energy in Action: The Power of Emotions & Intuition to Cultivate Peace and Freedom. These steps are: Clear Reactivity, Look Inward, Emit, Activate, Nourish, Surrender, and Ease. As I processed my emotions, I found the Diamond Ray had generously poured itself into the practice. As a result, I felt clear, calm, and cleansed. It felt like the Diamond Ray washed away anything negative or toxic, like fear or anger, that I may have picked up that day.

One of those Diamond Ray cleanse practices is featured below. This cleanse is part of a seven-step mindful emotional detox process. The purpose of CLEANSE is not to get rid of your emotions, but rather to help you get to them.

The best part is, once you get the hang of the CLEANSE method, you can move through the process in less than 10 minutes a day.

How to Practice the Diamond Ray of Light Energy Cleanse Meditation

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position. Sit up nice and tall, shoulders back and down, chin parallel to the earth. Once comfortable, move through the next seven steps.

Clear Reactivity: Take a moment to gently stretch your neck. Tilt your right ear toward your right shoulder. Relax your jaw and let your eyes drop down toward the floor (as if you are looking over your right shoulder) and hold the stretch for about five seconds. Then bring your head back to center, allow yourself to receive an inhale, and then repeat on the other side (left ear toward left shoulder, gaze over the left shoulder for five seconds).

Look Inward: Repeat this statement out loud and then respond to the statement with an inhale and an exhale. Do not answer the question. Consider your inhale and your exhale to be the response.

How I feel in my body right now is … (inhale, exhale)
Being in my body right now makes me feel … (inhale, exhale)
Tapping into the Diamond Ray of Light now makes me feel … (inhale, exhale).

Emit: Repeat the mantra “Hum” three to five times in a row. Inhale to inflate your lower abdominal area, and on your exhale, sound the mantra “Hum” out loud, pressing your navel toward your spine.

Activate: Bring your attention to the Diamond Ray of Light. Picture this brilliant prism of light running through the crown of your head (similar to the rays of the sun), cascading itself gently throughout your entire body, rippling outward several feet around you and beyond.

Nourish: Marinate in the Diamond Ray of Light the same way you might sunbathe. Allow its healing vibrations to soothe and clear your energy.

Surrender: Repeat these statements out loud:

I allow letting go.
I allow releasing.
I allow transforming.
I allow clearing.

Ease: Repeat these statements out loud:

I am letting go.
I am releasing.
I am transforming.
I am clear.

After moving through the CLEANSE practice, notice and observe how you feel. Notice if you feel more grounded, calm, safe, and protected. Pay attention to any subtle shifts inside your body. Consider practicing this on a regular basis. Imagine how resilient, strong, and durable—just like a physical diamond—you can be.

The bottom line is that life comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Yet through metaphysical practices, such as cleansing with the Diamond Ray of Light, you can clear and transform negativity into states of oneness and peace.

Enjoy this shield meditation for spiritual protection.

Diamond Ray of Light

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