3 Crystals to Soothe Emotional Trauma

3 Crystals to Soothe Emotional Trauma

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Emotional trauma can affect the body and mind for a long time. Learn how crystals can help support the healing and recovery process.

Emotional trauma can leave a long-lasting imprint on our everyday experiences, causing us pain and suffering even years after the traumatic event happened. A never-ending stream of haunting memories and heavy emotions can make us feel drained and depressed and cause us to want to close off from the outside world in order to protect ourselves.

No matter the cause of our emotionally traumatic experience, what we should focus on is taking small steps to move forward with our lives despite the pain in our past. Crystals can help us heal from emotional trauma by soothing anxiety, boosting our mood, uplifting our energetic frequency, and helping us gain a higher perspective on our life events.

Amethyst for Inner Peace

Traumatic experiences can shatter our sense of safety and stability, leaving us feeling lost and broken. It can be so hard to accept what has happened that our mind ignores it or blocks it out completely. Years can pass by when our past pain suddenly resurfaces without warning, triggered by something we are experiencing in the present. With its calm and collected energy, Amethyst can help us make peace with our past and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A crystal of peace and tranquility, Amethyst inspires us to achieve a state of inner balance and harmony, which can be very healing to our mind and body. From that place of inner peace, we can more easily release our feelings of fear, anger, sadness, and despair that so often accompany emotional trauma. Amethyst guides us to face our suppressed emotions with courage and compassion, allowing them to surface, one-by-one, so we can confront and release them.

Unakite for Emotional Balance and Joy

When we go through a traumatic experience, we often feel a surge of overwhelming emotions, leading to a state of shock or emotional paralysis. We might feel an urge to withdraw from life, as we feel helpless and unable to cope with the pain of our trauma. Working with an Unakite crystal can help us heal gently and gradually by balancing our emotions and guiding us toward self-love and self-care.

The earthy green hues and grounding properties of Unakite help us feel more at peace and appreciate the present moment. With its soothing vibrations, Unakite opens and activates our heart chakra, guiding us to accept where we are and what we’ve been through. This crystal encourages us to give ourselves enough time and space to heal, and to be extra gentle with ourselves during times when we are triggered or upset. When our pain becomes unbearable, Unakite gives us a boost of inner strength and joy, lifting us up and encouraging us to move forward with our lives.

Stilbite for Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Emotional trauma can bring up a lot of anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. With its soft and sweet energy, Stilbite helps us calm down and discover a peaceful sanctuary deep within our own souls. This way, we can stay focused on the things within our control instead of drowning in the sea of our turbulent emotions and worrying about things outside of our control. Stilbite helps us feel safe and supported while we face the memories of our traumatic experiences and the accompanying heavy emotions of fear, pain, shame, and despair.

The name of the gorgeous Stilbite crystal comes from the Greek word stilbein, which means “to shine.” With its shimmery luster, this crystal inspires us to keep shining our light, despite the pain and hardships we have suffered. Stilbite guides us to face the truth of our past trauma with honesty and openness so we can give ourselves a chance to heal. It helps us come to terms with our traumatic experiences and rediscover our sense of direction and purpose in life so we can get back on the path of joy. It can feel truly liberating to finally break free from the prison of past pain and allow ourselves to be happy again.

A Simple Crystal Ritual for Healing Emotional Trauma

When you're ready to make peace with your traumatic experience, honor this step by doing a releasing ritual:

Sit comfortably in a quiet space and light a candle.

On a small piece of paper, write down all the heavy emotions you have been carrying so they can be released.

Now, rip up that piece of paper and scatter it in the wind, bury it in the earth, or burn it in a safe manner.

Finally, hold one of the three above-mentioned crystals in your hands and say the following affirmation out loud or silently in your mind: I am ready to release any emotional baggage I´ve been carrying around. By doing this, I give myself a chance to heal.

Utilize these crystals to help you focus.

3 Crystals to Soothe Emotional Trauma

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