All It Takes Is 11 Minutes

All It Takes Is 11 Minutes

Discover how much easier your meditation practice can be with one specific helpful tool.

This is for all those who have a deep love for meditation, but who often find themselves too busy and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of everyday life to pause and shift their attention to a practice. We often make excuses about how we do not have enough time or that we already took that yoga class today, so why bother?

However, deep down, we know that taking 11 minutes to meditate will boost our energy, improve our attention, and make us far more effective at whatever we're doing. The Kundalini Meditation Oracle is here to serve you in releasing the mind from making excuses or feeling lost between too many options.

We created this 60-card deck to inspire you to delve into the unknown and trust the Universe's guidance in providing you with your next meditative experience. Simply shuffle the cards and practice the meditation that comes up, without overthinking, analyzing, or questioning.

Here is a short Q&A with Shama Kaur, who selected the meditations and put together the materials for The Kundalini Meditation Oracle.

What inspired you to come up with this collection of meditation cards?

Like many of you, when I have a deep passion for the work that I do, I become totally consumed by it and unable to stop. When the entrepreneurial facet of the mind combines with the executive mind, I feel hijacked and become totally absorbed in completing a project to the end, regardless of how I am feeling in the moment physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Deep within, I hear a voice that says: "Stop! All you need is 11 minutes. Only 11 minutes to meditate and whatever you do after that will be 10 times better!"

But my body-mind struggles to stop and search for the right meditation. The mere thought of looking through a manual or browsing online in search of the "right" meditation was far too daunting and often sent me off in spirals of possibilities to choose from.

Until one day, I had the thought: "If only there was a deck of cards of some of my favorite meditations right here which I could easily shuffle through and pick from… this would save me plenty of time and energy!"

Has the production of The Kundalini Meditation Oracle already changed the way you relate to your practice?

Absolutely. I am now meditating with a new card almost every day! This is really wonderful because, after teaching for many years, I felt stuck - repeating the practices that I liked most or were familiar with. But with these cards, I can expand out of my comfort zone by choosing meditations that may seem "random," while in fact, the meditation card that we choose is chosen intuitively and aligns with our current frequency and something that we need at that exact moment.

How do you expect this oracle to be used and enjoyed or inspire people with their practice?

I think The Kundalini Meditation Oracle can inspire teachers to deliver classes following one of the suits that are in the card decks. The meditation decks can be supplemental in a class setting and offered as homework at the end of the class. I also think that the cards that are intuitively chosen can inspire practitioners to look deeper into themselves to see to what extent the virtue of the chosen card relates to them and is applied in their own lives. After that, they can take small steps to embody this virtue in their lives and then perhaps feel more confident to teach a workshop on this card/virtue.

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