Winter Solstice Meditation


Winter Solstice Meditation

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A winter solstice meditation can be a time for grieving, acknowledging what’s been lost, and letting go.

The winter solstice (usually falling on Dec 21 or 22) is a powerfully symbolic time. The sun metaphorically dies on the longest, darkest night of the year, and is reborn the next day to begin its journey to the summer solstice. Many world religions have holidays around this time celebrating the return of the light. This time is about hope and new beginnings, the rebirth that inevitably comes after death. The time before the winter solstice, however, is a time for grieving, acknowledging what’s been lost, and letting go.

This winter solstice meditation is also a ritual.

You may like to have a candle and lighter for this guided meditation and a piece of paper and pen to write with. You’ll be invited to burn the paper, so make sure you are in a safe, ventilated place with a nonflammable receptacle such as a metal bowl half-filled with water. You can also imagine all these elements if you prefer.

This is an intuitive ritual for the winter solstice that is not based in any particular tradition, but if you have one that you follow, please feel welcome to bring in your own elements and include any conception of spirituality you may have.


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