If You Want To... Invest in a Wellness Program

If You Want To... Invest in a Wellness Program

New Life Hiking Spa

10 powerful paths toward finding optimum wellness—and a better you.

Civana, Carefree, Arizona

Civana was born out of a desire to make wellness more expansive and approachable. Grounded in the philosophy of wellness through oneness, Civana believes in the sustainable interconnection of the individual, community, and natural environment—at an affordable price point. Opened in March 2018, it’s the first sustainable wellness resort to open in Greater Phoenix. At the core of its wellness options and programming are a multitude of pathways, including movement, discovery and enrichment, the healing arts of spa, and nutrition. A typical day here touches on each of these pathways, from daily hikes, all forms of yoga, high-intensity classes like Spin, Barre, and TRX, to the creative arts, culinary demos, sound bath meditation, and much more.


Hilton Head Health, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Your stay at this renowned health and wellness retreat begins with a private consultation with a health specialist to tailor the most beneficial classes and experiences based on your needs. Work on your wellness and longevity goals with daily options that include cooking classes, fitness activities, health education, mindfulness training, and outdoor recreation. The LivingWell Program is a good place to begin.

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa, Ainsworth Hot Springs, British Columbia

The end goal at this mountain retreat is to help you reclaim your overall functional health. With a focus on metabolism and providing a holistic approach to each guest (limited to 16), expect a pristine natural environment with endless trails. This is a top-notch hiking, fitness, and weight-loss program that works on the mind-body-spirit connection. On offer: calorie-controlled spa cuisine, detoxifying spa treatments, and stress management and sleep health advice.

New Life Hiking Spa, Chittenden, Vermont

Founded in 1978, New Life Hiking Spa is a pioneer among wellness retreats. Its advertised “quirky casual Vermont style” is refreshing for those who want to hike and enhance their health and well-being—without pretension. Affordable, authentic, and located in the beautiful Green Mountain state, this program begins each spring and goes to the fall. (The 2019 season begins May 16 and goes through September 30.) Lots of great hiking and fitness options for all levels.

Pritikin Longevity Center, Miami, Florida

This leading health and wellness retreat, situated on 650 tropical acres within a four-star resort in Miami, has been at the forefront of lifestyle science for more than 40 years. Pritikin prides itself on its scientifically documented results and its education program that teaches guests how to sustain their results. The center employs a faculty of board-certified physicians, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and chefs—classes include cooking workshops, supermarket shopping, personal exercise training, and motivational classes. The core program takes two weeks to complete, and there is a minimum stay of one week. An interesting note: “Centers of Excellence” is a new program that launched last October. It’s an exclusive certification for leading concierge medical practices and other providers, including endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, and cardiologists, which is “designed to offer concierge patients pioneering health services and exclusive rates to concierge partners.”

Pritikin Longevity Center

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Going strong for 75-plus years, this beloved health and wellness haven sits at the juncture of the Laguna and Sierra Juarez mountain ranges and boasts a 3,000-acre nature preserve bursting with beauty. A typical stay is a week, and it truly is the best way to experience all that Rancho La Puerta has to offer—it’s also a fine way to get back in sync with your own natural cycles. Holistic therapies abound and include acupuncture, craniosacral, Feldenkrais, and Watsu. There’s also an organic farm and renowned cooking school, miles and miles of hiking trails for all levels, top-notch fitness and movement classes, an art studio, and lots more to make this a destination you’ll want to return to again and again. Of note: The increasingly popular 14-day Detox and Cleansing Retreats for 2019 are scheduled for March 16 to 30 and September 14 to 28. They are led by Michael Finkelstein MD, author of the book Slow Medicine.

Rancho La Puerta

Sundara Inn & Spa, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 

One of the first destination spas in the U.S. to have a no- electronics policy in common areas, this eco-friendly respite, nestled in a pine forest on the picturesque outskirts of Wisconsin Dells, is a great place to unplug, unwind, and work on your wellness. Sundara launched in 2003 and expanded its wellness offerings significantly in the fall of 2018 with a 40,000-square-foot addition. With the expansion you’ll find, among other things, a second outdoor pool that’s a seasonal saltwater pool, a new indoor/outdoor soaking pool oasis, new quiet spaces, and a retreat space and a woodland reflection room for meditation and wildlife watching. Wellness enthusiasts will appreciate the new activities on hand that include: new hiking trails; sunrise and sunset meditation cruises on Lake Delton; kayak and stand-up paddleboard tours on Mirror Lake and the Wisconsin River, and more. The property is Travel Green Wisconsin certified.

Sundara Inn & Spa

Skyterra Wellness Retreat, Lake Toxaway, North Carolina

A fairly new, intimate wellness retreat founded in 2016 by two sisters—one a behavioral health professional who helped launch over 20 therapeutic programs for at-risk adolescents, and the other an RN with 40 years’ emergency room experience—Skyterra has garnered numerous accolades, including “Best Health & Wellness Resort in the Nation” from USA Today. To ensure a sense of community and a high staff-to-guest ratio, you’ll find no more than 20 guests here at a time. Skyterra is situated on a 300-acre wooded campus with a recommended minimum stay of seven days. The emphasis is on revitalizing your lifestyle; classes include yoga, meditation, stress management, health education, nutrition, and more.

Skyterra Wellness Retreat

The Marsh, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Part community center, part destination retreat, the Marsh is a comprehensive wellness facility featuring a medically based fitness center. It’s all about balancing the mind and body, improving flexibility, staying strong, and expanding your health knowledge through a plethora of noteworthy lectures and events. You’ll discover new ways to move and much more at this destination situated on scenic marshlands.

The Marsh

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