How to Remain in Balance With Your Emotions

How to Remain in Balance With Your Emotions


Blame it on the environment, your work, the stress, your partner, the kids, the overwhelm—yet the truth remains—your emotions are your own and for you to remain in balance with. Emotional turmoil directly affects not only your mood, your thoughts and your relationships, but also your physical well-being as well as your spiritual connection.

Emotions are a part of a person’s being that is highly overlooked. It’s always body-mind-spirit. But emotions play a very important role in all three “bodies” and have the power to transform something into nothing. If used properly, the emotions can be a catalyst for change and a hidden force behind manifestation and creativity. When we are out of balance with our emotions, it can wreak serious havoc, not only in ourselves, but also in the people around us.

Many believe out-of-control emotions can cause disease and pain, plus we all know it can tear apart important relationships (for little to no good reason).

It’s very important to address and clear out any stuck energy and negative emotions, suppressed feelings and guilt and shame, for a healthy emotional body.

Here are some ways to do so:

Don’t “stuff” your feelings. Strong feelings can be scary and painful memories can be too terrifying to revisit. Yet constantly turning a blind eye and continually pushing down these tough feelings to maintain our outer persona can be highly detrimental. Though there may be some resistance and fear in addressing deep sadness, anger, rage and other troublesome emotions, once you dive in and face your fears, the more calm the waters become. So, the more you accept the past and deal with it the more emotionally stable you become—ultimately leading to more harmonious you. Allow yourself to feel, really move into the feeling and ask “why?” “Why am I feeling this way?” Doing so will create better communication between the head and the emotions leading to easier processing of emotions.

Express yourself. We all have deep dark secrets that we keep locked inside. Just remember that almost anyone can relate to insecurities, pain, guilt, suffering and shame. If you feel uncomfortable jumping into the emotional realm, there are so many resources to help with that. Even if you don’t have a friend or family member you feel comfortable enough with to confide in, there are many skilled therapists who can help be a guide in the dark waters to clear out some muck. We all need each other and no one’s perfect. Accept your imperfections, let go of the ego and ask for help.

Don’t let your emotions supercede your intelligence. Perspective is everything. Sometimes simply changing the way look at a situation can be a game changer. Forgiveness toward yourself and others is paramount in emotional stability. If you’re struggling with forgiveness, acknowledge that you too have made mistakes and resentment does more harm to your own body than the person who you’re holding the grudge against. Childhood, for many, brings about deep ‘wounds’ and suffering if we have not been taught to process feelings properly. The way to stop this awful karmic cycle is by forgiving (yourself and others), understanding, and ultimately evolving to a place where you can tell your story without it making you a nervous wreck. With any experience, you either win or you learn. The only way you actually “lose” is if you don’t learn the lesson. Ask the question, “What is the lesson in this?”, especially if you don’t want to repeat it.

Release. Consciously make the decision to let go. If it’s in the past, it’s gone and the only one who keeps it alive is ... you guessed it ... you. It lives in your mind and body only. Finding stillness and peace in the present moment heals. Cultivate a regular mindfulness or meditation practice to let go of the past. Breathing works wonders.

Let go of shame. Shame blocks the “Svadhisthana” or second chakra—associated with the emotions. Shame and guilt live in your emotional body and really, a total illusion that keep us constricted and in emotional lockdown. Forget shame! No one else is thinking about it other than you – you have created your own imaginary jail cell. Release shame and embrace your higher self, instead.

Accept that all encounters are a reflection of you. It’s pretty convenient for our ego to play the victim role. It’s definitely a lot more comfortable than fessing up to the part we play in the story. Realize that every single person you have ever met is a part of you ... a reflection. Once we stop pointing the finger and take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions, no one is left to blame. No one can MAKE you feel anything, you are the sole controller of your emotions. Avoid reacting to other people’s actions. Get a hold of your own functions and you’re on your way to mastery.

Orange is the new black. Wearing the color orange or even including it in your decor (painting your walls perhaps) may help. Orange is associated with the second chakra and vibrates light energy on that frequency. If nothing else, it’s a reminder to stay in tune with your emotions.

Get into yoga. Emotional releases are pretty common during yoga practice. Stuck energy and trauma is held on a visceral level and in the connective tissues. If you don’t move your body in those areas (especially in the hips area) it causes stagnation and energy gets blocked. If yoga is not your thing, try receiving a massage or even experiencing other forms of movement like qigong, African dance, hula hooping, zumba, nia or anything that moves the body and spine in all directions. Conscious movement is an important tool for processing and releasing negative emotions. Movement also creates more body awareness that can help you move through experiences easily and fluidly.

Lighten up. Emotions can be dreadfully heavy. Lighten up the mood and energy by making it fun. It’s a practice in mindfulness. Ask yourself throughout the day, “How am I feeling and why am I feeling this way?” Becoming better everyday is one of the beauties of life. Feel free to laugh at yourself and rejoice in humor. Embrace change, lighten up your spirit and you’re on your way. Don’t take life or yourself so seriously.

Body awareness. A simple relaxation practice can calm your waters and create better body awareness. Lie down, scan your body and ask, “where am I holding tension?” “What needs to be release?” When you feel tightness or pain in an area, just imagine breathing into it deeply and on the exhale, intend to release the tension from your body.

Realize that it’s a choice. When you’ve experienced enough suffering, there comes a point when you have to make the choice to heal. When all's said and done, the first step is to make the decision. The choice to be happy and the choice to heal. It takes time, effort and intention, but the rewards of healing your emotional body is immeasurable (and can heal your life).

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