Spiritual Accountability

Spiritual Accountability

A Deep Personal Imperative … a Calling

There is strength that comes from looking into the face of your

individuated soul ... we can embody that strength.


Little doubt we are living in the throes of anxiousness, uncertainty, anger, and judgment, where our views of “difference” are often used as weapons of great harm. We have lost the realization that our inner state of being reflects outward onto our world. Too often we have assigned the authority for our happiness and well-being to someone else; to some position of authority, a societal system … to anything “out there.” Yet, our deepest wisdom knows that the divisive causes of our dissatisfaction also reside inside each of us. Our inner splintering and separation are exaggerated in every area of our lives now. Perhaps most personally in the need to wear masks, in our limited human contact and feelings of isolation, and in the sacrificing of our longing for intimacy to the threat of illness and even death.

You may not want to read this. Because this article is about our spiritual accountability for the lessening of our own suffering and the needless raging on our planet. It’s about the inner shifts necessary to stop the degradation. You may not want to read this because it will ask something of you. It is a call to depoliticize our lives. At its core, this article invites a returning to harmony, from the inside out.

Our ancestors knew, and science has proven, that everything is connected; that we live as part of a unified universe where every species, each cell, each subatomic particle is part of an intricately woven energy field. Within this field, what happens to one, happens to all. And what happens inside (our thoughts, beliefs, views, prejudices) is lived into our outer life. These were the teachings of the wisdom masters. Jesus taught about unitive awareness as the gateway home to our own wholeness: “When you make the two one, and make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below… then you will enter the kingdom.”

The spiritual teachings of every wisdom tradition embrace that human evolution and the awakening of consciousness involve a movement away from seeing oneself as separate and different, and into a remembrance that we are an essential element of a co-creative force manifesting as life itself.

The belief that we are separate and unaccountable

for what is happening around us

is a lie we no longer can afford to entertain.

There seems to be a spiritual resurgence of interest in Socrates’ lie of the soul. This pernicious lie is defined as an untruth that we accept as absolute truth at the most foundational level. You might say it is a lie that has been taken to heart; taken into the very depths of your soul. Once deeply rooted, the psyche cannot afford to recognize this lie as anything else but truth. Because something inside you is certain that to recognize this lie would mean the death of what you believe you are. So, we learn to defend the lie of the soul as it continually distorts our interpretation of reality–our judgments about the behavior and motivation of other people, even our view of self.

If you are still reading this article, the good news is that you likely are awakening to the lies of the soul in your own upbringing. You are beginning to realize that this awakening is not so dangerous after all. In fact, it is essential. And you can train your energy field, your body, your nervous system, your mind and heart to be warriors for your own freedom. This is the training of the Nine Gates Mystery School.

There is strength that comes from looking into the face of your individuated soul, remembering we each are unique expressions of an indivisible life force that supports our spiritual development. We can embody that strength. We can recognize how we cast our own shadow onto life, judging others because we dare not acknowledge how harshly we judge ourselves. In that strength, we take the shadow we project onto the world and see its reflection on the shadow within. This is not outer work. It is a deep, personal imperative. This is not self-condemnation. It becomes your calling!

Every wisdom stream of awareness has stories of how Initiates must first receive a calling. Most often that calling arrives as a trial–a serious illness, an initiation that takes one to the doorway of death and then beyond. This “death” is not literal, and it does not kill. It liberates. For the calling requires an inner and outer breaking apart of everything, so Initiates arise free of misconceptions (lies of the soul) and their inability to assume an essential part in the evolution of their own lives.

As Initiates of these current times–times that could be perceived as our calling into the death of all we have known–we too can arise. We will need a new kind of inner stamina. And as I say to every Mystery School student, “It will ask everything of you”. You will have to experience your “death,” this ultimate letting go, while awakening to the realization that it is not your fear of dying (to self-image, to ideas, to beliefs) that keeps you frozen in place. Rather, it’s the unknowing of what you will become after you die that petrifies you. How do you let go of all you have constructed into form, not knowing how to reshape yourself into a new form worthy of such a sacrifice?

Our fear and resistance keep us imprisoned in a smaller version of ourselves. A life too tight and constrictive for stretching into our wholeness. Again, the good news is that we can train for the needed shifts. Together we can allow ourselves to grieve all that must die, so we can fall apart enough to recognize each other again. Together we can participate in the healing of our shared lie of the soul.

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