Yvonne Belliveau

Yvonne Belliveau is inspiring, uplifting, and empowering. A successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and empath, Yvonne has been a leader and expert in her field for the past fifteen years as a coach, mentor, transformational teacher, healer, and intuitive. She helps new and seasoned empaths in their spiritual awakening and transformational journey, bridging them into self-enlightenment.

Her professional practice approach is focused on helping clients discover their inner breakthroughs, helping uncover hidden blockages and unveil life mysteries. She brings new information and long-held challenges from their souls, inspiring long-lasting results.

Yvonne is extremely devoted with her time, to her work and clients. Her work is done with compassion, empathy, knowledge, unconditional love, and light, shifting the empath into a higher soul and consciousness level.

Yvonne was born in a small town located in New Brunswick, Canada. To learn more about Yvonne, visit www.yvonnebelliveau.com.

The Light Within

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