The Light Within

The Light Within

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Navigate your own spiritual awakening journey and bring yourself into enlightenment.

I truly believe we forget who we are at birth, leaving behind our power, knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love, needing to relearn everything. From a very early age, I knew things, information and teachings that I’d never seen or heard before. I can’t recall the specifics, as it was so long ago; however, from time to time, inklings of inner knowing kept resurging to the surface.

I can also recall having serious adult conversations with the angelic realm. Questions were asked, and answers kept pouring in. Through bouts of hurt and sadness, I retreated to this sanctuary of love. Here I felt, safe, loved, surrounded, and supported, my home away from home. When I would hang on too tightly to this place, I would be brought back into reality quite quickly. As an old soul, I journeyed on this earth numerous times. In each of these lifetimes, I gained wisdom, knowledge, love, and light, stored in the cellular memories of my soul. So of course, the familiarity of speaking with the angelic realm feels natural to me.

I came into this world, taking on a small statuesque body; I always felt the need to hide, not be heard or noticed. I understood that some people were loved and some weren’t, as I saw others being treated differently around me. I felt my inner light, yet I realized it was sometimes attached to harsh consequences. I learned to hide it to survive. Life had a way of showing me that I shouldn’t speak, so I stopped revealing myself.

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The Light Within

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