Leah Lamb

Leah Lamb is a writer, storyteller, and educator living in the Bay Area. www.leahlamb.com

This Summer Camp Teaches Stop, Breathe & Think

And it changes the world, one interaction at a time.

Find the Good in Grief

I couldn’t imagine why I would want to dedicate two years of my life to studying…

Healing the Whole Body by Using the Whole Body: The Return of Tallow

Matthew Stillman, author of Genesis Deflowered and former producer at the Food N…

Creatively Facing Fear

Make fear your ally for the creative process

Share Your Gifts at Burning Man

If you’re into exploring other worlds, altering your sense of gravity, and playing in some of the biggest waves on the planet—you just may want to jump in.

7 Ways to Take Care and Take Action

What do we do when facing what appear to be insurmountable challenges of our time?

Listening to Polyamory

As more relationships open, I wanted to learn if this can be a spiritual practic…

Deep Listening

Dr. Neha Sangwan and writer and coach Jackee Holder say deep listening is the path to wellness

Sahar Paz: Find Your Voice

“Don’t let my shero cape become my veil.”

Esther Perel: Rekindling Desire

Unlocking the mystery of sexuality, intimacy and desire in the 21st Century

Building Altars For Personal Transformation

Building an altar with an intention for transformation is powerful. The altar keeps your focus on your intentions.

My Practice: Morning Altars

An artist shares how his practice of creating beautiful morning altars blossomed.

Praying for Water through Aerial Art

Art as Activism at the Bhakti Festival