Lessening Fear

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Unlock the key to lessening fear and embracing gratitude and aliveness.

During my cancer journey, I learned a great deal about fear. When first diagnosed, I was terrified by every poke, prod, injection, and conversation with the sober doctors who didn’t know what was going on inside my body. Within months, my fear of everything exhausted me. I was forced to discern among the many sensations, both physical and emotional, that were overwhelming me. I began to realize that the first way to lessen my fear was to look more closely at it, so I could locate and inhabit the spaces in my fear. The same way that quantum physicists look into the spaces between particles or that monks meditate until they descend into the spaces between their runaway thoughts, there are waves of stillness and peace that wait in the spaces of our agitations and fear. Over the years, I’ve discovered that when I can stay devoted to a practice of gratitude and take the risk to be tender, the habits of my fear unravel. Gratitude is the way we meet life with nothing in the way. Since no one can do this constantly, gratitude is a tender opening and closing to the life before us. When grateful, even for the di …

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