12 Affirmations for Speaking Your Truth

12 Affirmations for Speaking Your Truth

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Heal your fifth chakra with confident, authentic communication and by speaking your truth.

Speaking your truth is associated with the fifth chakra, also called vissudha. This energy center is often referred to as the throat chakra, but it also receives and sends energy via other areas including the thyroid, parathyroid, larynx, and mouth, jaw and tongue.

The fifth chakra is associated with communication and authentic expression. When this chakra is blocked—and someone is not expressing their needs and desires—anxiety rises, and tense neck muscles can result, as well as a sense of frustration and alienation.

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The fifth chakra is also a listening chakra, where we can compassionately hear others’ speak their truths and be fully present for them. Here are 12 affirmations for speaking your truth, and staying mindful to what others have to say, too.

  • I balance honesty and kindness with ease.
  • My voice is unique to me and worthy of hearing.
  • I heal myself and others by speaking the truth.
  • Today I am an active and compassionate listener.
  • There is a sense of spaciousness opening around my throat.
  • I hold space for others to share their truths.
  • I speak truth and love without fear.
  • Today I speak with full authenticity.
  • I envision blue healing light around my throat.
  • I can set boundaries and express my needs.
  • I am a confident communicator
  • My words are graceful and clear.

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