14 Affirmations for When You Have So Much To Do, You Don’t Know Where to Start

Getty Images/grinvalds

Life can get pretty overwhelming, and it’s easy to become paralyzed and unsure where to begin. Use these affirmations for overwhelm to find the will to restart.

It is a hopeless feeling, when everything is overwhelming. The to-do list is filled with hundreds of things. Work stuff, domestic stuff, Scout stuff, school stuff, elderly parent stuff, civic duty stuff. (If you keep a digital list like Wunderlist or ToDoist, you begin worry it will walk off the job in disgust.)

You scramble to prioritize. To juggle.

And you still feel buried. The temptation is strong to hide. So where to start?

I grew up listening to A Prairie Home Companion on the radio, and in super busy times, my mind turns back to one of the pretend sponsors featured on the show. PowderMilk biscuits are “made from whole wheat, to give shy persons the strength to get up and do what needs to be done.”

The strength to get up and do what needs to be done. That feels like a prayer. “Lord, give me the strength to get up and do what needs to be done.”

Maybe these affirmations will help you. And if not, may I recommend making a biscuit?

1. I call forth powerful Earth energy and feel it filling my body.

2. I’m doing my very best, and that is enough for the Universe.

3. As I do this task before me, I am filled with joy and purpose.

4. Finishing one thing, any thing, boosts my energy for the next thing I will accomplish.

5. I choose to focus my full attention on this task, right here.

6. Perfection is the enemy of good (and done).

7. No one else could live this life any better than I am doing!

8. Today, I am gentle and kind with myself.

9. I am uplifted by support from my friends, family and chosen family, both alive and those who have gone before me.

10. My work shapes and molds the beautiful life of my dreams.

11. Looking back on these days, my future self will be filled with pride.

12. Everything I need is within me.

13. I allow space for rest and nourishment.

14. Step by step, I trust myself.