Aligning Yourself With Self

Aligning Yourself With Self


Begin to establish certainty and trust within yourself with this grounding guided meditation.

Most people find themselves moving faster and faster through their lives unable to differentiate from the thoughts, feelings, and energies around them. This state of depletion and emotional overwhelm taxes our nervous systems and our emotional and physical bodies. When we are at the effect of everything around us, we are caught up in our own imagining mind racing to do what we think we have to do.

To establish certainty and trust within yourself you must first be able to establish a relationship with the Earth. This is the foundation of everything and the first step in what I call Earth Warrior Training.

The Earth is our greatest source of strength and healing and learning to tap into the power of the Earth calms, centers, empowers and enables you to drop into yourself. Most significantly, it begins to bring you in touch with what is really going on—not what you are imagining. It enables you to connect to who you are. From here you are able to access the unprecedented and unlimited trust and certainty of navigating from your own truth.

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