3 Ways Yoga Can Connect You to Greater Happiness

3 Ways Yoga Can Connect You to Greater Happiness

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Deepak Chopra, Michael Franti and Sharon Gannon are all featured presenters at YOGA IS: The Largest On-line Yoga & Wellness Festival Launching on April 7th.

Yoga is a magical practice that seems to wash away all the stress of life and truly allows us to find clarity and stillness. In that process we experience a beautiful unfolding that where we can connect to our true self, our karmic path in the deepest of ways. We discover our liberated and unconditioned self, the most authentic version of our soul.

This leads to to a true state of happiness.

As the founder of YOGA IS I have been blessed to interview the worlds leading yoga teachers and luminaries. Here 3 things that can shift your perceptions and connect you to a state of happiness from some of my favorite teachers:

  1. Deepak Chopra shared that happiness comes from knowing your true self and that is the path of yoga. He says the first and most important thing is awareness, and when we become aware of our busy mental space, mind, body and relationships we find the reasons to be grateful of our awareness and transcendence. All these techniques are founded in yoga. When you do that, you shift the awareness of everyday consciousness and see your true reality.
  2. Michael Franti shared his motto: be your best, serve the greater good and rock out wherever you are. It means always be your best, try to improve yourself to be a stronger servant, find your purpose and how you can give back to that which is greater than yourself. And rock out—this way you never lose your enthusiasm for life.
  3. Sharon Gannon believes that the one thing that can block us from happiness is our samskaras, our unresolved karmas that keep us from meditating 24 hours a day. Meditation chips away at the incessant desire to do and have everything all figured out, and the pressure of all that we have to accomplish. Through everyday mediation, we come to a place of humbleness. When we can make ourselves into zero, then we connect to all that is and we can partner with the true source that makes everything happen. By doing something like meditation over and over it becomes a habit, and with repetition the magic arises. And that relieves suffering and connects us to our natural state of happiness.

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Suzanne Bryant is the producer of the acclaimed documentary film YOGA IS, which details her profound journey to India after loosing her mother to cancer and features interviews with some of today’s most sought-after Yoga teachers. Due to popular demand, she extended the YOGA IS brand into the bi-annual YOGA IS: ONLINE YOGA & WELLNESS FESTIVAL to provide access to the world’s leading luminaries and original content designed to support personal health and spiritual transformation at an affordable price for enthusiasts worldwide. She is also a certified yoga instructor with an MA in spiritual psychology and nutrition, meditation teacher and wellness coach.

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