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Care of the Soul: Care of the Soul, 25 Years Later

<em>Edit Article</em> Care of the Soul: Care of the Soul, 25 Years Later

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In the late 1980s, after about seven years of developing my own approach to psychotherapy, I was looking for a different way to re-imagine psychology, one that would have depth and include spiritual matters. I always look to the ancients for inspiration, and so I pored over the works of Plato especially, where I found a constant focus on the soul and reference to therapy as service and care. Having studied for the Catholic priesthood, I knew that this form of service was often called cura animarum, the cure of souls or care of the soul. After all, the priest was often called a curate.So I began referring to my work as care of the soul. It didn’t hurt to know that the word psycho (psyche)-therapy (therapeia) means to serve or care for the soul. I got the idea of writing a book on these thoughts, based both on my doctoral studies in religion and depth psychology and my experience practicing care of the soul. I discussed these ideas with my learned friend Christopher Bamford and even suggested that we write the book together. But Chris was interested in other projects, and so I went into hibernation and wr …

Thomas Moore has been a monk, a musician, a professor, and, for the past 30 years, a psychotherapist practicing archetypal therapy with a spiritual perspective. His latest book is A Religion of One’s Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World.

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Thomas Moore is the New York Times best-selling author of Care of the Soul, as well as many other books on...

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