6 Stories on Aging Gracefully

6 Stories on Aging Gracefully

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Age is nothing, but a number.

Age is nothing, but a number. No, literally—without knowing someone’s chronological age, science can’t pinpoint how old someone is. What does aging mean to you? Read these 6 stories to embrace graceful aging.

5 Ways to Rewire Your Thoughts on the Aging Process
Why resent aging when you can celebrate the triumph of still being here? Learn how to rewire your thoughts about aging for a whole new mindset on life.

Do Not Go Gentle
Your most important savings plan has nothing to do with money. Find out what is.

How to Fully Embrace the Hype of Aging
Read this inspiring story of living to the fullest no matter your age. The fountain of youth may just be this collection of really old people.

How Much of Aging Is in Your Head?
In 1979 a young Harvard psychology professor named Ellen Langer (played by Jennifer Aniston in Counter Clockwise) realized something astonishing — and true. “Without knowing someone’s chronological age, science cannot pinpoint how old someone is.” Langer had also built a basic theory of mindfulness that has guided her entire career: “It occurred to me that wherever we put the mind, the body should follow.” And so she came up with an experiment on aging worthy of a Hollywood feature.

Nine Practices for Conscious Aging
Discover an ever-expanding appreciation for the aging process and its transformative potentials. Here are nine practices that can help people engage the fullness of their lives, each and every moment (regardless of their age).

Aging with Divine Feminine Beauty
Have you ever met a woman who emits so much love and warmth that you just want to stay near her and bask in her energy? It doesn’t matter what she looks like on the outside. Her power is not expressed in the smoothness of her skin or the size of her waist, but in an energy strongly felt, a radiant light that comes from within. This is the expression of healthy feminine energy—what we recognize as inner beauty.

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