Your Superpower Seed of Intention

Your Superpower Seed of Intention

You are your own superhero

In this moment, stop and think about a recent desire you’ve asked to manifest in your life. Maybe it’s more money, a partner, to lose some weight, or discover a new job. Whatever it is, feel into that newly discovered desire right now. That! That zap right there just sparked a new seed of intention within. This is the very essence of your superpower, which once tapped into, will have you donning your red superhero cape everywhere you go.

The first question: How did you feel when you thought on your desire? If you felt anything less than some form of appreciation, joy, excitement, or liberation, then it’s important to first remember the significant role of desire and how it all came to be. Desire, in its simplest definition, is “focused thought.” Just as you can imagine holding a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays and ignite a flame, you have a similar beam of light within you that, once concentrated on, can create what you wish.

The reason why anything is manifested is not voodoo magic. It’s simply this focused beam of energy molded and birthed from the same source, and built moment by moment from the same source into physical reality. It doesn’t matter what religious belief you hold or don’t hold, because that swirling mass of energetic light is in everything. Literally. Look around you right now. Those people walking? That table over there? That floor you’re sitting on? Yes, all of it— just a bunch of wacky little neutrons and protons disco dancing all day and all night long.

These negative and positive whirling energies constantly collide together to create that spark of life, and they have one singular purpose—to focus on some thing in order to create. They’ll just happily keep tickling the light fantastic until that beam of focus ignites their purpose. You are a bazillion of these focused energies right now, and one of the most incredible powers of being human is your ability to consciously concentrate. In other words, by using your innate gift of focus, you are the knight in shining armor answering life’s SOS smoke signals for help. (Warning: you might just start feeling like a superhero right about now. This is good.)

When you desire a change, or seek something new for your Self, this is the very ignition that brings these meandering molecules into one point of convergence, a Superpower Seed, which is what they’ve been seeking all along. In fact, this beam of light is the very laser-focused energy that sparked the first seed of life as we know it. I mean think about it, you have the same power within you right now that has never failed anything ever in the existence of time. Knowing that little mind-blowing tidbit alone should move you confidently forward in the directions of your dreams and desires.

Sometimes though, living in a social environment of instant communication and gratification, life can certainly not only feel overwhelming, but deeply unsatisfying. It’s easy to get distracted with the constant bombardment of news, which celebrities are dancing, and what your third cousin ate for breakfast that morning. Not to mention your own set of life circumstances that fill your already full schedule. But if we think about it for a moment, it is exactly because of all our bazillion superpower focused intentions over time immemorial that we now live in this rather amazing state of technological awareness today. The challenge lies in being able to use this forceful nature of momentum around us for the betterment of our selves. And therein lies the work.

Just as an athlete makes a diligent commitment to strengthen muscles, perfect movements, and nourish the body with nutrition, it’s important to meet this daily practice with a similar commitment to your self. Your practice is training your mind to come back to the heart: focusing your thoughts to flow in sync with your beam of light that is all-knowing, all-loving, and all- giving. But how? There are certainly many awesome tools of yoga, meditation, and connection to the simple breath that will help aid in your journey and bring you back to the present moment. But the superpower secret is this: you actually don’t have to do anything. When you remember the desire you seek is actually the very thing that sustains the evolution of the Universe, you can relax into the knowing your soul is right on track with its very purpose for being. And this feeling of relaxation, or surrender in each moment is the only thing you have “to do.” By realizing your desire is actually for the betterment of your life experience, and the world around you, suddenly everything you do is infused with a feeling of focused joy that will guide you directly to its ultimate manifestation.

Living in this state of awareness, ego-loving excuses no longer exist. Your gift of desire is a gift to all of us because it is a revelation of expanded happiness and a revolution of Love. You’ve had the power within you all along, and only you have the power to access it. The choice is yours in each moment.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for. So….what are you waiting for? Grab that cape and get ready to soar.

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