Goodbye Perfection, Hello Wholeness

Goodbye Perfection, Hello Wholeness

Answer me this: what happens when you chase a rabbit?

It runs away, right?

How about a deer?

Same thing. It runs away.

That’s a common trait throughout nature: chase after something and it reacts instinctively and flees. Give love, and you will receive love in return. But give too much love and you’ll drive the object of your affections away. Same with your job: work hard, put in your best effort, and you will rise within your profession. Work too hard, though, and be too accommodating, and not only will people trample over you and take you for granted, but the rewards – validation, money, and promotion – will elude you as well. The more you become attached to a particular outcome and the harder you strive for it, the less chance there is of you ever, ever getting it.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people fail in their endeavors for this exact reason: they try too hard to make things go their way. They give TOO much, or they work TOO many hours, or worry excessively, or accommodate others TOO readily, or struggle and fret and fuss. And while all this is going on, what happens? They lose themselves. They deplete their spirit. They wear themselves out. Therefore, I say: Stop Trying So Hard.

It’s the seventh Step to Wholeness.

Everything in nature is designed to be flawed - deliberately. If you exclude God, then nothing is perfect. There are always snags and hiccups and glitches. Divinity finds its fullest expression in our rough edges, as we work to refine ourselves and become a greater expression of who we are. That’s where the joy lies, in our imperfections; in the journey of self-exploration and self-determination. The journey back to wholeness.

Wholeness, though, NOT perfection.

Two very different things.

You’re already perfect.

You came into this world fully-loaded, equipped for what you have to do in this life. Your job while you’re here is to live out the secret instructions you were programmed with at birth. That’s where greatness lies. Armed with the flawless intuitive blueprint instilled into your subconscious by Spirit, you can achieve anything you desire.

Above all, you can do it without trying too hard. Without struggling, or forcing someone else to do your bidding. No compulsion is ever necessary. No striving, no trying to move the mountain, no compelling anyone else to go your way, because that’s not genuine effort, it’s desperation, and desperation carries its own rank stench. Force never works out in the long-run. Never. Brick walls are put there for a reason. Usually it’s Spirit at work, trying to prevent you from heading in the wrong direction.

So why make things difficult for yourself?

Why create a drama?

Just do your very best in a situation, but then no more. And never, ever chase after anything, d’you hear?

Why not?

Because what you chase, flees.

Excerpted from Why Your Life Matters, by Cash Peters. Published June 2014, by Penner Press. Available online here.

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