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Cell Phone Safety: Electromagnetic fields are a cause for concern

Chances are, you’ve heard reports linking cell phones to brain cancer—then a second later, you might have pulled your iPhone out of your pocket to answer a call. Nonetheless, a sliver of doubt may have remained in your mind: “Should I be worried?”For starters, every electronic device in your home emits an electromagnetic field (EMF), from lamps to laptops to Wi-Fi routers. And in the past, certain devices—like TVs and microwave ovens—sparked similar fears that we were frying our brains with radiation. These suspicions proved to be untrue. According to a report by the World Health Organization, a color TV emits an electric field strength of 60 volts per meter. The accepted limit: 5,000 V/m. So, clearly, your Downton Abbey addiction won’t hurt your brain.Cell phones, however, have been a bigger cause for concern because unlike most electronic devices, they’re held close to your head. And proximity makes a big difference: A cell phone’s electromagnetic field is one-fourth the strength at a distance of two inches, and 50 times lower at three feet. In fact, most cell phones come with a warning:Do not hold cl …

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