Latest Remodeling Tip: Install a Faraday Cage

Latest Remodeling Tip: Install a Faraday Cage

For at least the past 35 years, scientists have debated the health effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Does it cause cancer? Does it overexcite our wearied and worried brains? As the debate goes on, our exposure to electromagnetic radiation keeps going up. One Boulder, Colorado, couple decided they would sleep better by not worrying about it.

Tacking on an additional $2,500 to an extensive home remodel, Marc and Kanniganti Plinke surrounded their home with a wire mesh electromagnetic shield called a Faraday cage. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, workers installed the wire mesh between two sheets of drywall on the walls and ceilings in the home. The wire mesh was laid in the cement-like flooring material, too. Installing the caging was relatively inexpensive, as the remodel was already underway.

The couple know it works because most of their house is a cell-phone “dead zone” — that alone could be worth the expense for some people. The Plinkes also report sleeping better.

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