September/October 2010

September/October 2010

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Become a Living Prayer by Stephen Kiesling


Art As Activism OPENING by Beverly Naidus
The Pattern of Fulfillment by Steve Lawler
Appointment with the Wolf by Clark Strand
Shift Your Body, Change Your Mind by Emma Seppala, PH.D
Helping Kids to Connect Body, Breath, and Mind by Miriam Mandel. M.D
Pacifist in the War Zone by Judie Fein


From the Editor: Never Give Up Your Trowel
Exchange: Letters to the Editor


Care of the Soul: The Complete Ecologist by Thomas Moore
Our Evolving Selves: Just Do It by Peggy La Cerra
Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler: Does Jesus Hate Homosexuals? by Rami Shapiro
Close to the Ground: Joy, 2010 by Geri Larkin
Poetry: Poem by Heidi J. N. Rupke Commentary by Kathleen Norris
Dream Life: Lost and Found in Church by Robert Moss
Zenvesting: Borrowing from Mom? by Paul H. Sutherland
Best Practice: Allowing for Metamorphosis by Phileena Heuertz
Book, Music & Film Reviews by Kristine Morris


Soul + Body + Medicine

The End of Acupuncture?
How Hand Movements Shift Memories
Forget Nicotine: Smoking is a bad habit
Different Language, Different Self

Enlightened Diet

Tech Franken-wines
Heart Health from Brown Rice and B Vitamins


Recognition Rites for Elders
The Ideal Spot to Write


12 Steps for Oil Addiction
Products for Peace Day

Expanding Universe

A Down Market for Mega-Churches
Reclaiming the Holy Swastika
The Independent Spiritual Life

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