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One-Moment Meditation for Managers

How an MBA turned to meditation and in the process managed to turn meditation upside down. While a student at the Yale School of Management, I decided to invite all the students, staff, and faculty to an informal discussion that I titled “Spirituality and Management?” This was in 1987, when the idea that spirituality and management could have something in common was very strange indeed. It was before yoga mats had become fashionable urban accessories, back when meditation was still seen as esoteric and foreign, back when the memory of the 1960s had been overshadowed by Reaganomics. I decided to host this conversation because although I was enjoying my studies, there was some part of me languishing beneath the spreadsheets. I had already had some Zen-like realizations, some mystical openings, and had become an avid student of my dreams. From these experiences, I knew there was something more to life—something intangible, immaterial, uncountable—that could not be included in decision analysis and strategic plans. I sensed that a fundamental part of management education was missing. A Brief …

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