A Letting-Go/Calling-In Burn Ritual for the Full Flower Moon


A Letting-Go/Calling-In Burn Ritual for the Full Flower Moon

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Turn what’s holding you back to ash. Drink in the blossoming energy of the full Flower Moon.

Traditionally, every month’s moon has a special name that refers to something that is happening in the world during that time. The May full moon is known in Algonquin culture as the Flower Moon. This may feel right, intuitively: we all know that April showers tend to bring May flowers!

This is a time when the glories of spring truly come upon us. Flowers represent beauty, joy, and the promise of fruit in the future. Flowers are hopeful and spirit-lifting for many of us.

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This month is a wonderful time to let go of anything that is preventing us from feeling that hope and moving towards what we really want. The energies of this full moon include fire, fertility, abundance, and planting seeds for future blooms.

How to Perform a Burn Ritual for the Full Flower Moon

You can try this ritual—for letting go or calling in—on or around the May Flower Moon.

Please gather:

  • A candle and matches or a bonfire
  • A large fireproof bowl
  • A glass of water
  • Real or imagined fresh flowers that are planted in pots or the ground (not cut)
  • A glass of clean water

If it’s possible to do this ritual outside near some flowers, that would be ideal. You can also do it inside and use your imagination.

  1. Begin by lighting your candle. Find a comfortable seat and close or soften your eyes. Imagine a circle of protection around you—this could be a circle of stones, trees, chalk, or salt. Take a moment to honor and acknowledge the land that you are on. Call up the traditional names of the people of this land, if you know them.
  2. Next, invite the energy of spring fire, of the beauty and bloom of the May Flower Moon. Imagine a flame in your mind or stare gently at your candle flame. Imagine a spark within you, in your guts, providing the energy for change.
  3. What would you like to release on this full moon? What would you like to let go of that may be holding you back from reaching your dreams? Fear and anxiety tend to be big ones. These are energies of protection that are trying to keep your safe. Gently thank these parts of you and let them know that it’s time for you to move forward anyway.
  4. Write down what you are ready to release, and then carefully light the paper on fire over a large fireproof bowl. Thank the fire for receiving your offering.
  5. Turn your attention to the flowers. If you are not with a real flower, imagine your favorite seasonal bloom in your mind. Call up this beautiful flower. See its color, its complexity. See how it grew and bloomed from the tiniest seed, deep in the darkness of the soil.
  6. Now hold your glass of water in your hands, and begin to think about what you want. Contemplate what you would like to see for yourself in the coming months, and consider what you will need to move towards those goals. Courage? Love? Compassion? Confidence? When you’re ready, write down the energies you are calling in to help you achieve your goals.
  7. When this feels complete for you, pour a little bit of the water on the ashes of the paper you burned, affirming what you are choosing to move forward with into the future. Pour (or imagine pouring) a bit of water onto the flowers, nourishing them with your best intentions, and returning this hopeful energy into the earth to be shared by all. Drink the rest, taking your intentions deep into your body, receiving the medicinal powers of this water infused with what you’ll need to go forward on your journey.
  8. When this feels complete for you, thank the circle of protection, the land, the fire, the air, and the water. Blow out the candle. Keep the paper with your intentions on it somewhere where you can refer back to it as needed.

Your ritual is complete. Happy May Flower Moon!

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